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  1. HISTORY in February

    HISTORY in February

    Journey back in time to learn more about Rome - The Eternal City on Rome Month. Delve into the murky, shadowy world of espionage on History's Ultimate Spies. Plus uncover the remarkable ideas that made modern life possible, from the unsung heroes that brought them into the world to the unexpected and bizarre consequences of each of these innovations on How We Got To Now.

  2. Bloody Tales of the Tower

    Bloody Tales of the Tower

    For more than 900 years, the Tower of London has dominated the city’s skyline – symbolizing gruesome executions, notorious prisoners and absolute royal supremacy to the masses. But how much of that extraordinary history is based on legend and how horrific would it have been to await your grisly fate inside the walls of this powerful fortress?

  3. Rome Unwrapped

    Rome Unwrapped

    Rome’s history is being rewritten. New excavations are giving us ground-breaking insights into the events that defined the Empire and the personal stories of its people – not just emperors and the elite, but the working classes, engineers and common soldiers. Gain a radically different perspective on Rome’s history – and challenge the traditional view of the Empire.

  4. Pompeii: Cellar of Skeletons

    Pompeii: Cellar of Skeletons

    Fifty four strange, twisted skeletons – how did they die, but more importantly, how did they live? The biggest ever forensic investigation into skeletal remains in Pompeii is now underway – and the secrets of the rich and poor are revealed, from their sex lives, to their diet, to their extraordinary racial origins and the priceless treasures they were found with.

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