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  1. HISTORY in March

    HISTORY in March

    Discover the stories of the founding mothers of modern Australia on Convict Women and Orphan Girls. Find out how ruthlessly the CIA recruited high-ranking Nazis as agents for their operations on Nazis in the CIA. Plus uncover how sex and intimate relations changed in the last millennium on History of Sex: The 20th Century.

  2. War Horse: The Real Story

    War Horse: The Real Story

    An extraordinary and deeply moving true story of the million British horses who served in the 'Great War'.

  3. H100 - We Remember

    H100 - We Remember

    100 years ago on 4 August 1914, Britain declared war on the central powers of Europe sending Australia & NZ to war for the first time. Join HISTORY in an unprecedented commemoration of the Centenary of WWI as we present a range of exclusive programmes and an immersive digital experience. Find out more now at

  4. Mysteries of the Museum S5

    Mysteries of the Museum S5

    Museums are where America displays its wondrous treasures of the past - often strange and curious remnants of the momentous events that have shaped their history.

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