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  1. HISTORY In May

    HISTORY In May

    Cross the Tasman with Neil Oliver to say kia ora to the land of the long white cloud on Coast New Zealand. Discover how WW2 saw BBC thrust into battle against the Nazis, and the machinations of the British government on The BBC At War. Plus unlock secrets that have remined hidden for centuries on Treasures Decoded.

  2. WWII: The Bombing War

    WWII: The Bombing War

    Between 1940-1945 allied bombings over France caused the deaths of 75,000 civilians, injured tens of thousands of inhabitants, traumatised the population and destroyed parts of the nation's historical heritage. Inflicted by the "good side", these dramatic events have been brushed aside as part of inevitable collateral damage. But did such a purportedly legitimate purpose require so much sacrifice?

  3. Secrets Of The Forbidden City

    Secrets Of The Forbidden City

    For six centuries, The Forbidden City has been at the heart of one of the most powerful and enigmatic countries on earth – the biggest Palace in the world and one of mankind’s greatest historic and architectural icons. It is a bewildering maze of hidden secrets and unexpected legends, closed for hundreds of years to the outside world.

  4. The Story of Egypt

    The Story of Egypt

    This is the story of the world’s greatest civilisation. It spans over 5,000 years of history that have shaped the world we live in today. It is full of spectacular sites and epic stories; and an evolving society of inventors, heroes, heroines, villains, artisans and pioneers. This is the story of Ancient Egypt.

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