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  1. History in September

    History in September

    Experience the wonder of Ancient Egypt and it's mysterious civilisation this September on Egypt Month. Discover the some of Britain's most treasured stately homes and gardens on Inside the National Trust - Series 2. Plus learn about the machine that was called the "Eight Wonder of the World by Thomas Edison on Linotype.

  2. Tales of Irish Castles

    Tales of Irish Castles

    Explore the great stories, legends and characters associated with the most beautiful, notorious and historical castles across Ireland. Presented by award winning actor Simon Delaney (BBC’s The Fall, Sky’s Moone Boy and CBS’s The Good Wife), the series takes in magnificent stone structures and the stories contained within their walls are brought to life .

  3. The Unshakeable Hagia Sophia

    The Unshakeable Hagia Sophia

    Hagia Sophia is one of the most magnificent structures ever created. For over 1500 years it has stood witnesses to the rise and fall of empires, and the transformation from Christian church to Muslim mosque. Now Hagia Sophia is a secular museum, one of Istanbul’s most visited sites, open to all who come to see its glorious art and remarkable dome.

  4. Tony Robinson's Time Travels

    Tony Robinson's Time Travels

    In this fascinating series Sir Tony Robinson journeys through time to uncover amazing, dramatic and bizarre stories from the past. His travels take him from ancient Rome and colonial Australia, to Victorian era London, early-settler New Zealand and beyond. Discover the moments when history changed… forever.

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