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Myth Hunters

Myth Hunters

Following the success of the first series, the second series of Myth Hunters reveals more true stories of quests after legendary objects – hordes of lost Spanish gold, the Temple of Solomon, the body of King Arthur, the relics of Joan of Arc; objects that offer their finder either unlimited power or wealth - or both.
For most of us, these are the stuff of fantasy and movies as seen in Indiana Jones or The Mummy; but these are the real stories of real adventurers who thought these myths were true.

These true life action adventures are exciting stories filmed in HD. The thirteen-part series features dramatic reconstruction, expert witness testimonies, specially shot location material and archive footage.



The next air date(s) for Myth Hunters are:

  1. Wed, 22 October11:30 PM Set Email Reminder
  2. Thu, 23 October07:30 AM Set Email Reminder
  3. Thu, 23 October07:30 PM Set Email Reminder
  4. Fri, 24 October03:30 AM Set Email Reminder
  5. Fri, 24 October11:30 AM Set Email Reminder
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