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Who's Been Sleeping in My House?

Who's Been Sleeping in My House?

Have you ever wondered about who lived in your house before you? Where did they come from? What were their dreams, hopes and fears? And what became of them?

Who’s Been Sleeping In My House? is a new 8-part series that explores the incredible stories that lie between the bricks and mortar of our homes.

Archaeologist Adam Ford is on the job. Using the tools of his trade – public records and a good spade – he literally digs the dirt and reveals the rich past of some of Australia’s most intriguing homes.

We follow Adam as he zigzags his way through archives, databases, family albums and local experts, revealing a past that isn’t always recorded in the history books.

From the Western Australian goldfields to the tropics of Queensland, Adam peels back the extraordinary lives of everyday Australians – people who lived, loved, bore children and moved on in the great cycle of life.

As ghosts of the past, family secrets and architectural surprises are revealed, one thing is for certain – the present owners’ relationships with their homes will be changed forever by the startling mysteries and unexpected revelations Adam unearths.

This is an exciting new series format where the walls really do talk. Beneath the floorboards, between the walls, under the eaves, or somewhere deep down in the garden, the secrets of the past are just waiting to be revealed – because every home has a story to tell.

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