Battle for Australia Day

Battle for Australia Day


The first Wednesday in September each year is Battle for Australia Day, a day of national observance honouring all those who defended Australia from 1942 to 1945, when the nation faced its gravest threat.



Following the surprise Japanese attack on the American Pacific Fleet anchored in Pearl Harbour, 7 December 1941, the Australian Prime Minister John Curtin made an impassioned speech to the nation and spoke of the the forthcoming “Battle for Australia”.

As the Japanese made their way into South East Asia, Australians for the first time had to defend their own country. The heroism, devotion to duty and endurance of our Australian soldiers lead to the defeat of the Japanese in the battles of the Kokoda Campaign and Milne Bay. “Battle for Australia” however is not confined to these two battles.

“Battle for Australia” is an initiative fully supported by the Federal Government and the Opposition, the Returned Services League of Australia, The Naval Association, the RAAF Association, all the Ex-Service Organisations and those who fought so bravely to save Australia. It is a complimentary commemoration to ANZAC Day and recognises the contribution of our WW2 allies.

The heroic actions of Australian servicemen in defence of our homeland will remain part of our national heritage and history. Lest We Forget.