Did Hitler Flee to Argentina after WWII?

Did Hitler Flee to Argentina after WWII?

The death of Adolf Hitler is almost as well documented as the entirety of his tyrannical rule.

Defeated and cornered toward the end of the second World War, Hitler and his wife Eva Braun saw no viable future for themselves and decided to commit suicide.

Their bodies were discovered soon after, rounded up and burned, thus utterly and completely removing one of history’s greatest villains from the face of the earth.

Is there more to the story, however?

For every defining moment in history there is an accompanying conspiracy theory, and one of the most controversial surrounding the Fuhrer is that he did not die on that fateful day in 1945 – and instead fled to Argentina, where he continued to live for almost two more decades.

Perhaps the strongest basis for this claim is that DNA testing has proved that a skull found in Hitler’s bunker, which many alleged was his, actually came from a young woman.

Those who staunchly support the theory suggest that Hitler, along with several other SS officials, managed to escape the ruins of Berlin in the immediate aftermath of the war and arrive safely in nearby Spain.

From there, it is alleged that Hitler and Braun travelled to South America via U-boat, where they lived until sometime in the mid 60s.

Records from this point on wards are understandably sketchy, with a wide range of theories on exactly how the couple lived out their remaining years.

Some even claim they raised two daughters of their own, and spent their days in a luxurious hotel in Argentina – while others believe they lived a more subdued life in a rural part of the country.


Image caption: Eva Braun and Adolf Hitler at the Berghof
Image credit: Deutsches Bundesarchiv (German Federal Archive), B 145 Bild-F051673-0059