History’s Most Notorious Dictators

History’s Most Notorious Dictators

Certain individuals have cemented their place in history through their sheer determination, resolve and willpower – but for all the wrong reasons.

While many of history’s most notorious dictators were able to rise through the ranks due to their influence and leadership, their inner evil streak meant they channelled these traits through the wrong outlets.

Who were some of the most infamous dictators over the years?

Adolf Hitler

Perhaps the most reviled individual in human history, Adolf Hitler gained notoriety through the atrocities he carried out over the course of World War Two.

Ill-tempered, violent and unstable, Hitler was nevertheless an immensely powerful speaker who managed to sway an entire nation to align with his views.

He instigated the largest war in history and was accountable for the deaths of some six million Jews, and the horrors of his legacy still live long in the memory.

Joseph Stalin

Rising to power after Vladimir Lenin’s death in 1924, Stalin wasted little time in asserting control over one of the world’s largest powers in the Soviet Union.

His misguided attempts to turn his nation into a progressive force only resulted in the starvation and deaths of millions of his own people. The so-called Great Purge is only another chilling reminder of the brutality he dished out to anyone who opposed him.

Kim Jong-Il

As a crazed despot who ruled over a submissive and vulnerable people, Kim Jong-Il is one of the most infamous modern dictators.

He carried on the legacy of his father, Kim Il-Sung, by brainwashing an entire nation and condemning its people to a life of abject poverty.

His son, Kim Jong-Un, took over the reins when he passed away just two years ago – and is proving to be just as ruthless as his predecessors.