Books & Journal Articles


The Kenniffs – List of Books and/or Key Journal Articles

Good, R.P.J. (1996) Ketching the Kenniffs: the origins and exploits of the Kenniff brothers – Patrick and James, Mitchell, Qld: Booringa Shire Council & Booringa Action Group

Heap, E.G (1969) The Ranges were the Best – The Kenniff Story, Queensland Heritage, 3-23

Morris, A.J.H. (2002) The Trial of the Kenniff Brothers: Australia’s Last Bushrangers. Memoirs of the Queensland Museum Vol2 part 2. 259-267

Sheaffe, S. (2003) The Kenniff Trial. Royal Historical Society of Queensland Journal Vol 18, No 7. 289-309


Ben Hall – List of  Books and/or Key Journal Articles

Bradley, P. (2006). The Judas covenant: the betrayal and death of Ben Hall. Sydney: Yellow Box Books

Bradley, P. (2013). Ben Hall, stories from the Hard Road. Sydney: Yellow Box Books

Penzig, E. (1996). Ben Hall: the definitive illustrated history. Katoomba: Tranter Enterprises

Smith, J (2014). Australian Bushrangers, Ben Hall. Sydney. Big Sky Publishing

White, C (1903). History of Australian Bushranging Vol II 1863-1880. Ben Hall to the Kelly Gang. Sydney: Angus & Robertson


Captain Moonlite – List of Secondary Sources – Books and key journal articles

Smith, J. Australian Bushrangers – Captain Moonlite. Sydney: Big Sky Publishing

Terry, P. (2013). In search of Captain Moonlite.Sydney: Allen & Unwin

Williams, S. (1991). The Wantabadgery bushrangers: a partial study. Woden, ACT: Popinjay Publications

Wotherspoon, G. (1992). Moonlight and…romance?: the death cell letters of Captain Moonlight and some of their implications. Journal of the Royal Australian Historical Society.


Ned Kelly – Short list of Books and/or Journal Articles

Ned Kelly: A Lawless Life, by Doug Morrissey

The Kelly Gang Unmasked, by Ian McFarlane

Ned Kelly: A Short Life, by Ian Jones

Ned Kelly: Under the Microscope, edited by Craig Cormack


Primary Sources:

A True Narrative of the Kelly Gang, by Constable Thomas McIntyre

The Jerilderie Letter, Dictated by Ned Kelly