WW1 Key Events

Yarmouth Attacked by the Germans

The German cruiser 'SMS Seydlitz', one of the main ships involved in the raid. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)   On 3rd November a German battle cruiser squadron launched a surprise raid on … (more...)

World War I – September 1916 Summary

Across September 1916 heavy fighting raged along both the Western and Eastern fronts as the Battles of Verdun and the Somme ground on, but the massive Brusilov Offensive in the east finally ended with … (more...)

Winston Churchill’s Recruitment Speech

March 1914: English statesman Sir Winston Churchill as First Lord of the Admiralty entering the House of Commons, London. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)   At a public meeting in … (more...)

White Feather Movement

Admiral Charles Fitzgerald – architect of the White Feather movement Photo: Wikimedia Commons   It was essential to the British war effort that able-bodied men volunteered for military … (more...)

Western Front Action – Germans Bombard Reims Cathedral

"The Cathedral of Notre Dame at Rheims was one of the most beautiful buildings in the world. The framework was still standing when the Germans began their drive in 1918. (Photo: Wikimedia … (more...)

Western Front

After the Gallipoli withdrawal, the ANZACS were transported into a totally new but equally diabolical battlefield – the Western Front. Arriving in early 1916 they discovered a ruined countryside, … (more...)

Weekly Summary 6-12 October 1914

The Germans in their final assault on Antwerp, 8th October 1914 – as depicted on a German postcard. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)   The Germans had continued to advance on Antwerp during the … (more...)

Weekly Summary 3-9 November 1914

"HMAS Sydney" – the Australian cruiser that destroyed the German "SMS Emden" on 9th November 1914. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)   A significant event occurred on the 3rd November when the … (more...)

Weekly Summary 25-31 August 1914

The devastated Church of St. Pierre of Louvain after a German raid. (Photo: The Times History of the War, Vol 1, P 415)   The fourth week of the war, from August 25th to August 31st saw … (more...)

Weekly Summary 24-30 Nov 1914

HMS Bulwark – a 15,000 tonne British battleship destroyed by explosions on 26th November 1914. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)   On the Eastern Front the Battle of Lodz continued to rage across … (more...)