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Billabong Creek Map

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One of history most popular Bushrangers, Ben Hall, was shot and killed by police on 5 May 1865, after a three-year crime spree in central West NSW. An informant had led the police party to Hall’s camping spot near Billabong Creek northwest of Forbes and they waited in ambush for him to arrive.

According to inquest statements by Sub-Inspector James Davidson who led the search for Hall, and his second-in-charge Sergeant James Condell, Ben Hall was identified on the night of May 4th 1865, while he camped in the scrub.  The police surrounded his camp and waited in ambush.

Davidson claims that early on the morning 5 May, as Hall walked to collect his horses he was called on to surrender. When he didn’t, Davidson fired the first shot as Hall turned and ran. Hall was then fired upon by Condell, Aboriginal tracker Billy Dargin, four more constables and another tracker. Hall was gunned down and killed in the ensuing melee.

When Ben Hall’s body was returned to Forbes and placed on public display, the sight of his bullet riddled remains triggered public outrage. Despite the police account that Hall was gunned down while trying to escape, rumours were rife amongst the locals that the police had outright executed Hall without giving him the chance to surrender.

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Interactive Scene 1 – Tracker Billy Dargin shoots Ben Hall in his sleep.

Interactive Scene 2 – Ben Hall ambushed by Sub-Inspector James Davidson police party

Interactive Scene 3 – Ben Hall is gunned down and killed in the melee