Interactive Scenes – Ned Kelly

Stringybark Creek Map

Instructions: Move mouse over coloured pin icons in the below Stringbark Creek Map to read information.


At Stringybark Creek on the 26th of October 1878, Ned Kelly, Dan Kelly, Steve Hart and Joe Byrne ambushed a police campsite. At the time of the attack, only Constable Thomas Lonigan and Constable Thomas McIntyre were at the camp. McIntyre claimed that he was unarmed and immediately surrendered. But Constable Lonigan started to run and as he reached for his revolver, Ned Kelly shot him dead. When Sgt Michael Kennedy and Constable Michael Scanlan arrived back at the campsite Scanlan was shot while attempting to untangle the rifle strapped to his back while Kennedy drew his revolver, and was pursued by Ned Kelly. Ned said that he shot the wounded Sergeant in the chest as “he could not live, or I would’ve let him go.”

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Explore the interactive scenes below by rolling your mouse over outlines and coloured icons for information.

Interactive Scene 1 – Ned Kelly gang ambush the police camp

Interactive Scene 2 – Ned Kelly lies in wait for the other policemen

Interactive Scene 3 – Ned Kelly kills Constable Michael Scanlan

Interactive Scene 4 – Last Moments of Sergeant Michael Kennedy