Commemorative WWI 100th Anniversary- Special Collector’s Edition

Coordinated by publisher Nuclear Media and adapted from the beautiful series published by The Daily Mirror in the UK, this 4-part-series commemorates the 100th Anniversary of the end of ‘The Great War.’

Each edition includes a commemorative war-time ‘Daily Mirror’ newspaper that focuses on pivotal points in the Great War’s history as well as personal stories and the Daily Mirror’s most powerful front pages during the time.

The 4-part-series will be available at Coles, Woolworths and newsagents Australia wide.



Part 1 – available October 29, 2018

This edition focuses on the outbreak and early years of WWI including the start of the Gallipoli campaign and the censorship rules that came into play for the media, during the early days of conflict.






Part 2 – available November 5, 2018

Part two of the series delves into the trench warfare soldiers faced, the important role animals played in the war and the propaganda the Government constructed to ensure public opinion was on their side.






Part 3 – available November 12, 2018

This edition looks at the changing roles of women during WWI and the impact this had on the workforce. It also acknowledges the number of soldiers shot during the war for alleged cowardice and examines the only full-scale naval battle of the war- The Battle of Jutland.






Part 4 – available November 19, 2018

This fourth and final part of the series examines the final battles of the Great War, where the allied forces began to emerge victorious. It also delves into the aftermath of Germany finally accepting defeat on November 11, 1918 including the ban on the repatriation of bodies back to Britain and Australia.