101 Events That Made The 20th Century – E6 Sneak Peek

The twentieth century was an extraordinary 100 years that saw change on an unprecedented scale, brought about by events ranging from wars and natural disasters to moments of industrial and artistic genius. Packed with archive material and interviews with a range of experts and familiar faces, each of the episodes in this new series looks at key events around a specific theme, for example law and order, and the impact they had. An episode on turning points looks at pivotal moments such as the assassination of JFK, while others cover wars, the rise of new borders and states, revolutions in art, entertainment and industry, diseases such as AIDS and societal changes such as universal suffrage and the rise in consumerism. This is a comprehensive and fascinating look at the world we now live in, as shaped by its recent past.

101 Events That Made The 20th Century

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8: Episode 8
8: Episode 8
Wed 20 February·7:30pm
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Thu 21 February·11:30am
Sun 24 February·9:30pm
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7: Episode 7
7: Episode 7
Sun 17 February·9:30pm
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