150 Years of The Weekly Times

Sunday, September 15 at 7:30pm AEST

This 30-minute documentary will celebrate and capture the milestone moments in Australia’s rural history, from Ned Kelly’s last stand to Don Bradman’s standing ovation; from the highs of the Gold Rush to the lows of the Great Depression; from the devastation of drought, flood and fire to the rural renaissance that has seen agribusiness and farming flourish into the 21st Century. Witnessed through the lens of the nation’s longest-running rural newspaper, The Weekly Times, the program will take viewers on a journey through time, highlighting the key moments, characters, experiences and events that captivated, informed, and educated readers across three centuries. It will showcase how the paper with the iconic orange cover became – and remains – a window to the world for those in rural and regional Australia, especially those in far flung and isolated communities.