75th anniversary of the D-Day Landings in WWII

75th anniversary of the D-Day Landings in WWII – 6/6/1944
World War II – D-Day: the Normandy landings. Over 150,000 Allied troops landed on the beaches of Normandy, France at the start of the Battle of Normandy. (The battle ended on 25th August. Allied victory.)


Last Heroes of D-Day

Episode 1 – In episode one of a major two-part series for BBC1, historian Dan Snow examines how two years of meticulous planning, espionage and the analysis of millions of three dimensional aerial photographs helped the Allied Forces gain a foothold in Northern France.

Episode 2 – The concluding part of historian Dan Snow’s major two-part series, tells the powerful and heroic stories of those who risked their lives on the beaches of Normandy, to save the world from Nazi Germany.


World War II: Battles for Europe

This 8-part series charting the course of the Allied campaign to liberate Western Europe from Hitler’s grip – a brutal, year-long slog against a determined enemy that took them from the beaches of Normandy to the heart of the Third Reich. Expert analysis unpacks the strategy on both sides, examines the role of key commanders and equipment, while testimony from front-line combat veterans vividly recalls the drama of the D-Day landings, and the suffering of the Battle of the Bulge.


That’s All Brother: The Plane that Led the D-Day Invasion

With unparalleled access to this priceless aircraft, this programme reveals the astonishing untold history of the plane that led the main airborne D-Day invasion, the heroes who flew her, and her salvation by the commemorative Air Force. That’s All Brother now faces a final battle.

Can she really be restored? Will a fragile 75 year old aircraft fly again, survive a gruelling Atlantic crossing? Will the restorers fulfil their ambitious dream of flying her over the Normandy beaches on the 75th D-Day Anniversary, June 6th, 2019 as a tribute to the survivors and fallen?


Combat Ships – Vessels That Saved D-Day

A chronological telling of the dramatic D-Day story, focusing on the vessels that made the landings possible.  From the X-Craft lying on the seabed in the days before the invasion, to the battleships such as USS Texas and HMS Belfast who bombarded the Normandy beaches.  We sail on the Medusa – a harbour patrol boat that played a crucial role guiding the invasion fleet through minefields.  The episode explores the technology behind the most unseaworthy vessel of the invasion – the Duplex Drive tanks and pays tribute to Andrew Higgins whose landing craft brought so many men to the Normandy shore.


The Weapon Hunter – D-Day Detonator

In this episode, Paul sets out to reconstruct an entire battle – D-Day – focusing on four key elements: the airborne invasion; the Naval bombardment; the tank assault and the massive infantry invasion. Paul finds and fires the weapons used that day, and speaks to veterans who provide personal insight into these events. Finally, with the help from a world-renowned explosives expert, Paul builds his very own Bangalore torpedo, a device critical to the bloodiest battle of the invasion… the landing at Omaha beach.


The Battle of Normandy: 85 Days in Hell

Dive into images of the battle of Normandy never revealed to the public until today. Be by the soldiers of the Allies’ side thanks to a selection of experts among twenty hours rushes in the crux of the battle.

Discover every secret of the 1944 summer three strategic months and risk yourself at the heart of the conquest of Normandy face to the Germans.


Navy Heroes of Normandy

On June 6, 1944, more than 52,000 American sailors on board thousands of ships arrived off a quiet stretch of coast in Normandy, France. Operation Neptune-Overlord was the largest amphibious and landing assault operation in the history of war.

On this historic day, the U. S. Navy would prove critical to the success of the Allied invasion of Western Europe.

“Navy Heroes Of Normandy” spotlights a dedicated group of Navy veterans who set out to ensure that the crucial role they played on that day would never be forgotten.


America’s Secret D-Day Disaster

Nearly 700 American dead in one night in a secret rehearsal for D-day. The survivors ordered to remain silent. Accident or conspiracy: friendly fire, hundreds of unmarked graves, the British to blame? This is the real story why more Americans were killed during a rehearsal than in the Invasion landing itself.