Anzac Battlefields: The Western Front

The Western Front – these are the battlefields that took the heaviest toll on the lives of Australian and New Zealand soldiers, the Anzacs.

The places have changed very little – the grass has grown back, trees have been planted, perhaps a road where before there was none but no cities have been built on these landscapes.
It is still possible to stand and imagine what the Diggers went through – not only the tactics, the deployment, and the plans of battle but also what actually happened, moment-by-moment, as the battles unfolded.

Through a combination of computer-generated effects, explanation and illustration of actual locations, meet the Anzacs who fought on the First World War battlefields of the Western Front on Anzac Battlefields: The Western Front.

“Too many of our pals have gone to that far off home from which no wanderer ever returns.” – Anonymous soldier