Barbarians Rising – Geiseric | Vandal

Barbarians Rising – Geiseric | Vandal


Geiseric was born around AD 389, the illegitimate child of the great Vandal king Godigisel. When Geiseric was elected King in AD 428, the Vandals had long been a wandering people. Driven by the advance of the Huns, the Vandals crossed the northern Rhine frontier of the Empire in AD 406 and found their way to Spain. There they settled, but as Geiseric’s rule began, they came under attack by the Visigoths and soon migrated to North Africa.  Geiseric seems to have been a man of deep thought and few words, disdainful of luxury, furious in his anger, greedy for gain, shrewd in winning over the barbarians and skilled in sowing the seeds of dissent to his own advantage.


A nomadic tribe believed to be derived originally from Scandinavia but spread across Europe and the Mediterranean during their “migration period” of continuous raiding.  The Vandals, hence “vandalism,” have a reputation for being particularly destructive but this could be a result of Roman source bias, since they were responsible for the ultimate sacking of Rome.  Some Vandals were known to be literate and spoke Latin, both essential to business interests common among sea-farers and traders.

Range: Germania, North Africa, Sicily