Barbarians Rising – Viriathus | Lusitania

Barbarians Rising – Viriathus | Lusitania


Viriathus hailed from Lusitania, which occupied modern day Portugal and part of western Spain. It is not known precisely when he was born, but the ancient authors describe him as an inhabitant of the coast, a shepherd who in childhood lived in the mountains. Accounts recall his great strength and agility, the result of a spare diet and hard physical labor.


Swarthy, long-haired and armed with their trademark machete-type swords known as the falcata, the Lusitanians are warrior-bandits who call the rugged mountains of Portugal home. These primitive assassins use their lofty hideouts for the ultimate stealth tactics.  They make their weapons with exceptional care and quality, so much so that they maintain a spiritual connection to their swords and when they die their swords are either buried with them or bequeathed to a new warrior.

Range: Iberia, particularly modern day Portugal