Barbarians Rising – Ep 1 Sneak Peek

The battle for supremacy begins as the ancient world divides in two: Roman vs. Barbarian. Hannibal of Carthage builds the first great barbarian alliance to defeat Rome before it becomes unstoppable. The general launches an audacious and unprecedented campaign to strike at the heart of the Republic, conquering the Alps and leaving a trail of death across Italy as he aims for the capital city. But while Hannibal wins the battles, he loses the war. With no viable adversary remaining to stop its advance, Rome marches across the barbarian world, pillaging the land and its people, and reaping a bloody revenge on the tribes that fought alongside Hannibal. When Lusitania comes under the Roman sword, one man emerges to drive them back. This time it’s not a military strategist but a simple shepherd, Viriathus, who unites his people to fight against Rome’s overwhelming might, the first wave of resistance in an epic 700-year struggle for freedom.