Coast Australia S2: Snake Island – Additional Content

Historian and archaeologist Neil Oliver has returned to visit eight more spectacular coastlines around this vast and dramatic land in Coast Australia S2. In this episode, he visits Snake Island.

Joined by palaeontologist and explorer Professor Tim Flannery, marine ecologist Professor Emma Johnston, landscape architect Brendan Moar, anthropologist Dr Xanthe Mallett, and historian Dr Alice Garner, Neil and the team set out to capture the dazzling diversity around the edge of a young nation built on an ancient land.

In its second series, COAST Australia travels along the Bass Strait coast of Victoria, into South Australia, Northern New South Wales, South Western Australia, the Torres Strait, remote Norfolk Island, Southern New South Wales and finally to the ochre rocks of the Pilbara. This is another fascinating adventure around the continent, to discover the history, the science and the stories of its people.