Coast New Zealand Episodes

Coast NZ returns, continuing its exploration of the panoramic beauty and history of New Zealand’s coastline.

Episode 1 – Wellington

Coast NZ is back once more – and the third series kicks off in the world’s southern-most capital city – Wellington.

While Neil Oliver sets sail to patrol the Cook Strait Cable Protection Zone, Hamish Campbell reveals how the city came from the sea. Ocean Mercier uncovers the work of a prolific maritime artist and adventurer Dave Murray finds the secret to one seaside village’s fishing success.

Colin Wynn while he paints on the beach Turakirae Head


Episode 2 – Chatham Islands

Geologist Hamish Campbell quite literally wrote the book on the role the Chathams played in the exploration of the submerged continent of Zealandia. He’s joined by colleague and co-author Nick Mortimer as they recount how they pieced the puzzle together.

Elsewhere Ocean Mercier gets a taste of Cook’s Scurvy Grass, Neil Oliver visits living Moriori artefacts and Michael Stevens hears about the day the Germans infiltrated the islands’ waters during World War 2.

Shipwreck in the water at Port Hutt, Chatham Island


Episode 3 – Bay of Plenty

Plenty by name, plenty by nature… this stretch of coast offers more than its fair share of seaside tales…

Neil Oliver sets sail in a P Class, schooled by Olympian medallist Molly Meech, while Jacky Geurts takes to the skies in a gyrocopter and Michael Stevens meets up with international artist Mr G.

Matt Carter dives the ill-fated Rena… and Hamish Campbell spends a day on the green… the bowling green!

Neil Oliver talks with Leonie Simpson of Te Runanga o Ngati Awa at Whakatane, Bay of Plenty


Episode 4 – North Otago

Oamaru is the jewel in North Otago’s crown, the white-stone city is picture perfect and the entire coastline is studded with stories.

Neil Oliver visits an extraordinary feat of Victorian engineering, and goes in search of the perfect penguin personality.

Ocean Mercier finds out what gives limestone its pearly hue, Michael Stevens opens his Plunket book and Dave Murray feels the wind in his hair behind a standard-bred horse on Waikouaiti Beach.


Episode 5 – Kaipara Harbour

It was once the country’s busiest port, shipping thousands of tonnes of kauri timber and gum but Kaipara Harbour is also the deadliest; thought to have claimed up to 150 shipwrecks since the 1840s.

Strewn with the carcasses of ruined craft – likewise the entire region is littered with stories. In this episode Neil Oliver hits Ripiro Beach in a blokart, and is treated to an exclusive sound and light show at Gibbs Farm.

Hamish Campbell finds a beach littered with evidence of a gigantic volcano, Michael Stevens wonders what it will take to get toheroa back on the menu and Jacky Geurts hits the high seas – in a bathtub.


Episode 6 – South Westland

South Westland covers a narrow tract of land that extends from glacier to ocean, it’s where the rainforest meets the sea and is home to just over 8000 human inhabitants.

In a Coast first, adventurer Dave Murray will land his own plane on remote Big Bay paving the way for a historic flight of the NZ’s first ever commercial aircraft – the Fox Moth.

Elsewhere Neil Oliver enters the annual Driftwood and Sand competition, Hamish Campbell pans for gold… and Ocean Mercier visits Seaview Hospital to hear about the mad, bad days that followed the Gold Rush.


Episode 1 – West Coast

Maritime archaeologist Matt Carter explores the West Coast’s treacherous sea-faring history, while Scottish historian and archaeologist Neil Oliver discovers a secret beach, and goes out on a limb on coastal cliffs.

Geologist Hamish Campbell encounters a school hanging on for dear life in the tiny town of Granity, and he examines the engineering feat they called the 8th Wonder of the World.

Historian Riria Hotere goes in search of precious pounamu and marine biologist Jacky Geurts investigates the fragile future of the fishy delicacy – whitebait.


Episode 2 – Coromandel

Scottish historian and archaeologist Neil Oliver’ has his world turned upside down in Pauanui, while Marine Biologist Jacky Geurts delves into Whangamata’s mangrove wars and gets to grips with the treacherous surf rip at Hotwater Beach.

Historian Riria Hotere discovers a recycled bach community and maritime archaeologist Matt Carter learns how Coromandel’s valuable Kauri changed the peninsula.

Geologist Hamish Campbell digs for this country’s earliest human history on Great Mercury Island.


Episode 3 – Stewart Island

Scottish historian and archaeologist Neil Oliver goes on a wild goose chase, and uncovers the hidden history of a remarkable singing star.

Historian Riria Hotere reveals the plan to breed super kākāpō on the remote island of Whenua Hou.

Marine Biologist Jacky Geurts infiltrates the murky world of the little known seven gill shark, and investigates the story of the mysterious Japanese tourist who lived in a cave.

Maritime Archaeologist Matt Carter delves into a brief encounter that left a curious legacy on the island.


Episode 4 – Hawkes Bay

Historian and archaeologist Neil Oliver tackles a coastal sport like no other and encounters one of the world’s great survivors at an exclusive haven for vulnerable species.

Historian Riria Hotere tracks down a former skating star on Napier’s Marine Parade, and heads out to sea to check out an innovative fishing method.

Meanwhile maritime archaeologist Matt Carter investigates a fascinating wartime mystery and geologist Hamish Campbell finds fortune in the region’s tectonic terroir.

Episode 5 – Christchurch

Scottish historian and archaeologist Neil Oliver flies a kite, investigates the origins of the New Zealand accent and goes in search of a toxic arachnid with a tortured love life.

Historian Riria Hotere finds a green future at Koukourārata and marine biologist Jacky Geurts hunts for rare blue penguins, and valuable blue pearls.

Hamish Campbell uncovers ground breaking research on Christchurch’s watery past which could have major repercussions for the future.


Episode 6 – Taranaki

Geologist Hamish Campbell investigates the energy-rich region’s oil industry, while Scottish historian and archaeologist Neil Oliver encounters mysterious objects on the Taranaki coastline.

Historian and author Riria Hotere finds out how a city embraced its coast through art, and drops in on a unique surfing contest in Waitara.

Beneath the sea, marine biologist Jacky Geurts uncovers an underwater creature with far reaching healing properties and maritime archaeologist Matt Carter uncovers a rare shipwreck with important historical links.