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A Treaty with the Maori – Waitangi Day

The 6 February is a highly significant date in New Zealand history  – Waitangi Day – so named after the historic Treaty of Waitangi that was signed on this day in 1840. This event took place in British resident James Busby’s House at Waitangi in the Bay of Islands. The Treaty is widely recognised as New…Read more

Over the Edge – The Amazing Denniston Incline

Denniston is a small settlement perched high on a rocky plateau on the west coast of New Zealand’s South Island. Large deposits of coal were discovered there in the early 1870’s and the Denniston mines, in operation from 1879 to 1967, turned out to be the most productive coalfields in New Zealand. Operated by the Westport…Read more

The Kiwi – Symbol of a Nation

The intriguing kiwi – a small, flightless bird, is the national symbol of New Zealand, and as a result, New Zealanders today are commonly – and affectionately – referred to as kiwis. These unique birds, about the size of a chicken, were long known to the Maori people who used them as a food source…Read more

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Season 3
Date & time
5: Kaipara Harbour
5: Kaipara Harbour
Mon 4 February·7:30pm
Mon 4 February·10:30pm
Tue 5 February·11:30am
4: North Otago
4: North Otago
Mon 28 January·7:30pm
Mon 28 January·10:30pm
Tue 29 January·11:30am
Fri 1 February·9:30pm
Sat 2 February·5:30am
Sat 2 February·1:30pm
Sun 3 February·8:30pm
Mon 4 February·4:45am
Mon 4 February·10:30am
3: Bay Of Plenty
3: Bay Of Plenty
Fri 25 January·9:30pm
Sat 26 January·5:30am
Sat 26 January·1:30pm
Sun 27 January·8:30pm
Mon 28 January·4:45am
Mon 28 January·10:30am