Conspiracy Episodes

Each of the one hour episodes will select a historical ‘fact’ and examine it through a conspiracy theorist’s lens.

Episode 1


History tells us that Hitler killed himself in 1945, but as we will find out, a UK journalist believes he escaped, and that the body found in the bunker was a double. If this sensational theory is right, then where did Hitler go?

In 1946 the Americans sent a battle force, including an aircraft carrier, down to the Antarctic. The official claim was that it was a ‘scientific expedition’, but a self-styled “renegade historian”, suggests a different story.  According to his research, the purpose of ‘Operation High Jump’, as it was known, was to destroy a Nazi fortress, deep in the Antarctic ice; a fortress that may have harboured the Führer himself. And what about the gold looted by the Nazis? A private collector of wartime documents, is convinced that at least some of it was stolen by GI’s who returned to America as millionaires.

Finally, did the Nazis really lose the war? Conspiracists theorise that the current European Union is the product of Nazi planning and a meeting of senior Nazis with Germany’s leading industrialists in 1944; a meeting that saw Nazi gold smuggled through Switzerland to be used to build an economic fourth Reich, with Germany at its centre.


Episode 2

The Royal Family

They may be the symbol of our country, but the British Royal Family were once German, changing their name from Saxe-Coburg-Gotha to Windsor half way through the first world war. Many Conspiracy theorists believe that the name change was just that, and that their allegiances remained with their Fatherland.

In this episode we look at the devastating theory that the former King, Edward Duke of Windsor, and his wife Wallis, were closet Nazis throughout the war, managing to leak secrets to Hitler that allowed his armies to defeat France in the dark days of 1940. Worse, we look at the case of George Duke of Kent, the forgotten Prince, who some claim was negotiating a secret peace treaty with Hitler’s second in command, Rudolf Hess. A plan that may have succeeded had he not, as many claim, been killed in a plane crash with Hess, on his way to meet other leading Nazis in Sweden.

But what of the modern Royals? Is there truth in the claim that Princes Margret, the Queens’ party loving sister, had a hidden love child, who now works as an accountant in Jersey? A child the Royal family have used their privileges to deny? And, finally, we examine the conspiracy theories attached to the most infamous car crash in history. Did, Diana, the People’s Princess, die at the hands of her own family? Did members of the Secret Services inject her with poison as she lay injured in the Paris tunnel?


Episode 3

The Cold War

For almost forty years the world was only hours away from total destruction, as the USA, Russia and China were locked in an icy standoff.  A peace that was always only a few seconds away from flashing into all out thermo Nuclear War.

Incredibly, as we will explain, there are some who believe that the entire cold war was caused by the lies of one man, Rinehart  Gahlen, the former head of intelligence for the German army on the eastern bloc. In a secret deal with the Americans he managed to mention his spy network, feeding them the information they wanted to hear, true or not. And when he told them that the Soviet Union was making dozens of Nuclear Missiles, the Americans began to do the same.

History tells us that the closest the USA came to use those weapons was in 1962 during the Cuban Missile Crisis. But there are many who claim that the world came far closer to Armageddon six years later, when a rogue Soviet sub, the K-129, attempted to launch a missile on Hawaii.  They believe the submarine had been hijacked by members of the KGB, on the orders of their commander, Uri Andropov, who wanted to trick the USA into believing they’d been attacked not by the USSR but by Communist China. Only the last minute action of the submarine’s captain saved the world.

We also look at conspiracies on dry land – including the assassination of Italy’s former Prime Minister Aldo Morro, not by communist revolutionists as the history books claim, but, according to the conspiracists, by a sinister underground army created  by NATO at the end of WW2 – Gladio.


Episode 4

Pearl Harbour Cover Up

When innocent lives get caught in the crossfire, most call it a tragedy. But in this episode of Conspiracies, we explore the shocking claims that throughout history governments may have deliberately sacrificed their own people for political gain.

In 1990, a British Airways flight landed in Kuwait with 400 passengers and crew, just 2 hours after Iraq had invaded the country. They were all taken hostage and kept for up to four and a half months in terrible conditions. Officially it was an extreme case of bad luck, but some believe that the plane was in fact deliberately allowed to land by the British government who were using it to infiltrate a team of Special Forces into Kuwait.

The Omagh bomb was the deadliest single atrocity of the Northern Irish Troubles, killing 29 men, women and children. But 17 years later, no one has ever been convicted for it. Some believe that this is because a British undercover agent was involved in the bombing. And even more shockingly it has been suggested that British intelligence deliberately let the bomb go ahead to protect that agent’s cover.

Japan’s surprise and devastating attack on Pearl Harbour in 1941 plunged a previously anti-war America head first into WWII. But many now claim that the attack was in fact masterminded by the American President Franklin D Roosevelt who deliberately sacrificed thousands of his men to get America into war.

When in 1951, a small French town was hit by a sudden and deadly outbreak of madness, the bewildered local police assumed a natural hallucinogenic fungus called Ergot must have infected the local bread. But investigative journalist Hank Albarelli believes he has uncovered the evidence that proves that it was in fact a mass CIA LSD experiment.


Episode 5


This week we look at the murky world of Hollywood.

In 2015 Tinsel Town was rocked when dozens of compromising emails between top studio bosses suddenly found their way onto the front pages of newspapers around the world. Sony Pictures had been hacked, and the finger pointed at North Korea. But does the official story, that Korean President Kim Jong Un, ordered the hack in revenge for his portrayal in the film ‘The interview’ add up? Or was it an elaborate marketing rouse on the part of Sony to boost the box office of a major flop?

But, according to some, you don’t have to go half way around the world to find a strange dictatorship meddling in the movie business. Right in the centre of Tinsel Town exists a religion tailor-made to suit Hollywood: The Church of Scientology. Counting Tom Cruise and John Travolta amongst its adherents, Scientology has a reputation for secrecy. Could a bizarre theory that that secrecy leads to the murder of its critics explain the overdose which led to the death of Philip Seymour Hoffman?

But tinsel town has always been a place where things bad things are covered up, and perhaps the worst is the gruesome murder of Elisabeth Short. Nicknamed the Black Dahlia, her body was found cut in half with surgical precision. Since 1947 the LAPD have been trying to find her killer, but now one of their number, retired homicide detective Steve Hodel, believes he’s finally solved it. The killer was his father, Dr George Hodel, who, he claims, ran an illegal abortion clinic to the stars. Hodel believes his dad got away with murder because he knew the secrets of every star in Hollywood, and that made him untouchable.

But that’s not the only murder we look at tonight. Some believe that Kung Fu superstar Bruce Lee and his son Brandon where both killed, victims of Triad violence. Brandon Lee’s horrific death, when a stunt gun misfired on the set of the Crow, being part of an on-going vendetta against the Lee family sparked by his father 20 years before.


Episode 6


In this episode of Conspiracy we reveal the incredible fact the UK has just as many alleged UFO Sightings as the USA. From the only alien abduction the Police have actually investigated to the extra-terrestrial communications it’s claimed British scientists have been receiving for over two decades. Could there really be something out there and are we being kept in the dark by the British Government?

In 1979, Forester Robert Taylor stumbled home from what should have been a routine walk through Dechmont Woods in central Scotland. Battered and bruised, his clothes torn to shreds, Taylor had an incredible story to tell. He claimed he had been abducted by a ‘dark sphere’ that had descended from the sky. Robert Taylor’s testimony and the evidence of some sort of attack were so compelling, the local Police launched a formal investigation – possibly the only time in British legal history that Aliens have been accused of common assault.

A year after Taylor’s alleged brush with Aliens a security patrol from Suffolk’s Rendlesham Airbase, responded to a suspected air crash in nearby woods. The team, all trained service men, reported seeing a strange craft studded with lights land in the woods next to them. The next night the same lights appeared this time witnessed by the deputy base commander. But despite the credible witnesses and recorded evidence, these sightings have, it’s claimed, been kept under wraps for almost three decades.

Perhaps the most astonishing, and most recent, claim of an Alien conspiracy has come in the last few years with the allegation that the European Space Agency is spending billions on actually making physical contact with an Alien Spacecraft. More incredibly, it’s claimed Scientists have been communicating with the extra-terrestrials on board that spaceship for the past twenty years. But why hasn’t this become public knowledge? Because, the Conspiracists say, the whole operation is playing out under the cover story of the ESA’s Rosetta Space programme. Will the Philae lander probe finally prove beyond doubt that there is life ‘out there’ and that we have been lied to for decades?


Episode 7


When famous people die suddenly, conspiracy theories thrive.

Perhaps the most famous assassination in modern times was that of President John F Kennedy. But many claim that the murder of his brother Robert, 6 years later was the next chapter of this chilling story. Although the gunman that night, Sirhan Sihan, has spent almost 50 years in jail for the crime, Conspiracy reveals a shocking theory that Sirhan was acting under orders – a so-called Manchurian Candidate hypnotised by the CIA.

Britain was shocked when Jill Dando was brutally shot at point blank range, on her front doorstep, in 1999.  After Barry George was acquitted of her murder and released from prison, the case was again thrown wide open. But, as we reveal, conspiracy theorists believe that Dando was an innocent victim tragically caught in the crossfire of international politics, and murdered by a professional Serbian hitman, out to avenge NATO’s bombing of Belgrade. Chilling first person testimony of the wife who saw her husband killed in exactly the same manner as Dando just weeks beforehand, supports the conspiracy theory.

The death of British weapons inspector Dr David Kelly was seen as a terrible consequence of Britain’s decision to go to war in Iraq. But did he commit suicide as the government inquiry found, or are the conspiracy theorists right? Was our government complicit in a plot to kill the scientist to suppress the truth about the WMD and that infamous “sexed-up” report?

It’s claimed that the CIA has attempted to kill the president of Cuba, Fidel Castro,  over 600 times, with weapons that included exploding cigars and bacteria impregnated wetsuits. But were the CIA behind the death of the Venezuelan leader Hugo Chávez by astonishingly, lacing his underpants with cancer-inducing chemicals?


Episode 8

Murder At the Vatican

Did a future Pope help Nazi war criminals flee to South America after WWII? The US Army Special Agent who pursued the brutal fascist leader Ante Pavelić and found him hiding in the Vatican, reveals how he was stopped by his superiors moments before he made his arrest. Decades later he discovered  a formal treaty between the USA and a Roman Catholic priest allowing Nazis who might be useful in the anti- communism fight, to flee and escape prosecution.

Did a member of the Vatican murder Pope John Paul I just weeks after his inauguration in 1978.  Many claim that his willingness to consider the use of the Birth Control pill by Catholics, led to a Vatican insider killing him by poisoning his drinking water.

Pope John Paul II, was almost killed in an assassination attempt in St Peters Square in 1981. The gunman was caught red-handed, but was he acting alone, or as some believe, as a tool of the KGB who wanted the Pope dead? Some claim that the ‘Polish Pope’ as John Paul was known, was seen as the focus for the Eastern European anti-communist uprising threatening the Soviet Union. The assassination attempt, they claim, was a desperate attempt to neutralise his influence.

Another death that some pin on the Vatican is that of ‘God’s Banker’ Roberto Calvi. Closely linked to the Vatican and reportedly to the Mafia, Calvi had fled Italy and was found hanged in June 1982 beneath Blackfriars Bridge.  Many claim he was killed because he had laundered Mafia money through the Vatican’s own bank. Facing jail for those crimes, it’s claimed it was better for the Church and Mafia that he was dead. The case remains an unsolved murder enquiry to this day.


Episode 9

Faking the Moon Landings

Neil Armstrong setting foot on the moon is one of the iconic moments of the 20th Century – but was it a massive hoax? On Conspiracy: Faking the Moon Landings we investigate what some say is the greatest conspiracy in human history.

We speak to two conspiracists who say the USA faked the moon landings in a TV studio. Bart Sibrel, a taxi-driver-turned-filmmaker is so convinced the moon astronauts are liars he chases them down with a camera crew to get them to confess their guilt. We feature the moment astronaut Buzz Aldrin becomes punches Sibrel in the face. Journalist Marcus Allen also believes America never went to the moon. We examine the evidence that, he says, prove the landings were a conspiracy. We also speak to historians, scientists and former NASA employees who will try to de-bunk the conspiracy theory, and demonstrate we really did go to the moon after all.

In addition, we feature the story of famed British computer hacker Gary McKinnon. When McKinnon broke into the Pentagon’s computers in 2002, did he discover the US has a secret space fleet powered by Alien technology? McKinnon faced a 10-year battle to fight extradition to America – we speak to one man who claims the US wanted him in jail so badly because he got too close to the truth.

Plus, were America’s cold war enemy, the Soviet Union, faking their own space race milestones? Some say that Yuri Gagarin wasn’t the first man in space: another Russian went before him… but never came back. We speak to a man who claims to have recorded radio transmissions from secret Soviet space missions. We also tell the story of rocket explosions kept secret for decades, and cosmonauts airbrushed from official photos – did they die in space accidents we know nothing about?


Episode 10


This week we look at four strange disappearances.

In 1932 Aviator Charles Lindbergh became the most famous man in the world, following his solo flight across the Atlantic. He lived a charmed life until tragedy struck when his 19th month old son was kidnapped and killed. Four years later an unemployed carpenter was executed for the crime. But many people believe an innocent man was sent to his death. So who was the real killer of Charlie Junior? Could it have been Lindbergh himself?

In 1974, the year Charles Lindbergh died, an English nanny was bludgeoned to death by her employer, Lord Lucan. Lucan has never been caught and tried for his crime. But in the four decades since he fled the crime scene, numerous reported sightings of the evil Peer have meant he’s never far from the headlines. But did Lucan really escape justice? Some believe he too was murdered only weeks after he fled and by the very people he thought were helping him escape justice.

We also investigate one of the United States’ most mysterious disappearances. That of influential union leader, Jimmy Hoffa. Backed by the Mafia, Hoffa became one of the most powerful men in America – capable of bringing the entire country to a standstill. But could believing he was untouchable have led to his demise in a mob sanctioned hit?

Another larger than life character who believed he was indestructible was newspaper magnate, Robert Maxwell. The public image of Maxwell was of an all-round good guy– a self-made man, a war hero and friend of Mother Theresa, But Maxwell had a far more sinister side – he dealt arms from his newspaper offices, stole pension funds and spied for MI6 and Mossad. Could Cap’n Bob have met his death when he tried to blackmail Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir?


Episode 11

Drugs, Punk, Pop and Death

Some of the craziest conspiracy theories have come from the music world where drugs, rock, punk and death collide – and anything goes.

In 1967 the career of The Rolling Stones seemed to be over when both Mick Jagger and Keith Richards were busted for drugs and sentenced to jail. For years people have wondered who was behind the tip-off that LSD was being taken at Keith’s country pad. Now Conspiracy can reveal a new theory. The Stones were the victims of an FBI hit with their alleged agent, drug dealer turned informant ‘Acid King Dave’. Dave set up the raid for the FBI so that the Stones would get criminal records, which would bar them from America and prevent the risk that they might corrupt innocent US youth.

Ten years later, it was the turn of the Sex Pistols to suffer the wrath of the establishment. The anti-establishment anthem God Save the Queen was heading to number one on the week of the Queen’s Jubilee. We reveal the claims that it never got there because the charts were rigged, making sure Rod Stewart got the top spot.

Perhaps the most bizarre conspiracy theory in the world of rock is the claim that the 70’s power pop group Eddy and the Hot Rods saw their careers destroyed by a black magic curse placed on them by none other than Jimmy Page, the genius guitarist of Led Zeppelin, all over the use of an altered image of occultist Aleister Crowley.


Episode 12

The Lockerbie Plot

Can we trust the people who govern our countries? On Conspiracy – did the Nazis burn down their own parliament so they could seize power in Germany? Did national governments conspire to hide who really bombed Pan Am flight 103 over Lockerbie? Was the U.S. Government behind the greatest and most horrific act of terrorism ever on American soil? And did the UK Government exploit a threat of a deadly poison attack in Britain, so it could justify going to war? Some believe so, and in this episode we explore these conspiracy theories.