Darwin’s Secret: The Beagle’s Child Kidnap Experiment – Sneak Peek

The HMS Beagle’s famous 1833 expedition carrying a young Charles Darwin to the far ends of South America forged a new way of scientific thinking. But few know that science and exploration was only a cover for its real mission: Captain FitzRoy was tasked with returning three Yamana tribals to their homeland. They’d been subject to a civilisation experiment gone wrong that threatened the monarchy with a sex scandal.

Now, a new expedition will trace the historic route of the HMS Beagle to unravel this secret: the SY Santa Maria Australis, carrying an international team of scientists as well as Michael Robert FitzRoy — a direct descendent of the famous captain. They will attempt to piece together the events surrounding the Beagle’s journey, Captain Fitzroy’s failed experiment, and its influence on Darwin’s revolutionary theory.