David Jason’s Secret Service


Actor and British national treasure, Sir David Jason, is a passionate enthusiast of all things espionage. In this code-cracking new series he’s travelling around the UK and beyond to reveal the secret places and people who act as guardians and gatekeepers of the incredible but true story of Britain’s spy history. Each episode is shot in the vein of a classic spy thriller- with vintage cars, sharp suits, luxury hotels and exotic European locations. Joining David will be a charismatic cast of expert historians – plus Dame Stella Rimington, the former head of MI5.

David goes behind closed doors in stately homes hiding incredible spy secrets, and visits key locations central to Britain’s espionage history – such as the Mayfair hotel that was a spy hangout in the 1930s. He also visits Kitzbuhel, where Ian Fleming trained as a spy, and Moscow, in search of Sidney Reilly, the Russian-born ‘Ace of Spies’. Combining beautiful locations with stranger-than-fiction spy stories, this entertaining series is a riveting new look at the dark art that Britain gave to the world.