Discovering Britain

Fridays at 7.30pm AEDT from January 25 until March 1


In the ultimate celebration of Britain’s outdoors, history, culture and tradition, Maureen Lipman and Larry Lamb will be getting to the heart of what makes British heritage so unique. With expert local guides from every corner of the nation, we travel to castles, palaces, parks and country fairs, meeting a host of colourful characters along the way including stars of stage and screen like Benedict Cumberbatch. Discovering Britain reveals both the most iconic sights as well as the hidden gems of Great Britain and builds a diverse and vibrant picture of ‘Britishness’.

Season 1
Date & time
2: New Forest
2: New Forest
Fri 1 February·7:30pm
Sat 2 February·4:00am
Sat 2 February·11:30am
Mon 4 February·11:30pm
Tue 5 February·7:30am
1: St. Ives
1: St. Ives
Fri 25 January·7:30pm
Sat 26 January·4:00am
Sat 26 January·11:30am
Mon 28 January·11:30pm
Tue 29 January·7:30am