Dunblane: Our Story

A compelling documentary about the Dunblane tragedy.

On 13th March 1996 a gunman walked into a primary school in the small Scottish town of Dunblane near Stirling, and shot dead 16 pupils aged between 5 and 6 years old and their teacher. It remains the deadliest firearms atrocity ever recorded in the UK.

In this landmark special to commemorate the 21st anniversary of the tragedy, “Dunblane: Our Story” interviews people affected by the events that day. The interviews include the testimony of a survivor who was shot as a five-year-old; Ron Taylor, the headmaster of Dunblane Primary School at the time of the shootings; and Debbie Mayor, the daughter of Gwen Mayor, the primary teacher who was shot dead. Other contributors include siblings and parents of the survivors and the deceased.