Egypt Month on HISTORY

Throughout September HISTORY has curated an extensive selection of the best programmes on Ancient Egypt; from the lost city of Heracleion, to Cleopatra and the Rise of the Black Pharaohs.

Embark on a journey when rulers were gods, innovation changed the world and mankind left its mark for eternity.

Egypt Unwrapped

Akhenaten & Nefertiti

The Fireball of Tutankhamun

Tales From The Tomb

The Egyptian Book of the Dead

Scribes of Ancient Egypt

The Story of Egypt

Cleopatra: Portrait of a Killer

Planet Egypt

Treasures of Ancient Egypt

The Pharaoh’s Lost City

The Ancient Life: Beneath The Great Pyramid

Private Life of the Pharaohs


Rise of the Black Pharaohs

Ancient Aliens: Secrets Of The Pyramids

Tutankhamun: A Murder Mystery


Ancient Egypt’s Greatest Lost City (click for more)

In the fading days of the Pharaohs, the city of Heracleion was the gateway to Egypt – an opulent and prosperous port city adorned with statues, sphinxes and home to the temple of Amun. But despite its importance, Heracleion was mysteriously wiped from the face of the Earth, after being consumed by the sea. This lost city lay forgotten beneath the waters of the Mediterranean until 2000 when archaeologists discovered the city’s remains six kilometres off the Egyptian coast and only 10 meters under water.

Treasures Decoded: The Sphinx

Lost Treasures of The Ancient World: The Pyramids of Egypt

Ancient Egypt: Life and Death

Great Mysteries and Myths: The Tutankhamun Mystery

Egypt’s Lost Queen

Ancient Aliens: Mysteries Of The Sphinx

The Revelation of the Pyramids

The Man Who Discovered Egypt

Lost Treasures of The Ancient World: Egypt