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Forbidden History – Series 3 Episodes

We lift the lid on some of history’s great mysteries by tunnelling deeper, travelling wider, looking more closely, asking harder questions and searching for evidence with more determination than ever before.

Episode 1

The Real Ark of the Covenant

Jamie Theakston goes in search of the location of The Ark of the Covenant, believed by some to be held in a chapel in the Highlands of Northern Ethiopia, a chapel that is in desperate need of repair.


Episode 2

Hitler: Suicide or Survivor?

The history books tell us that Adolf Hitler killed himself in his bunker in Berlin. Jamie Theakston investigates theories that the man shot in the head was a double and that the real Hitler escaped from Germany.


Episode 3

The Man in the Iron Mask

Jamie Theakston attempts to unravel the enigma of the identity of the real-life “The Man in the Iron Mask”. The man, known as Eustache Dauger, was held captive in strange circumstances for 34 years during the reign of Louis XIV.


Episode 4

Bloodlust: Real Vampires

How much of the vampire legend is based in reality? Jamie Theakston travels across Europe to see if there is a link between the legendary bloodsuckers and historical figures Elizabeth Bathory and Vlad the Impaler.


Episode 5

Inside the Cult of Satan

Satanism to some is a religion as valid as Christianity – to others it is a dangerous cult. With thousands of devotees and popularity rising, it’s time to unearth it’s origins, tales and beliefs. Is there a darker side to the ancient ritual Black Mass?


Episode 6

In Search of the Real King Arthur

The legend of King Arthur is one of a courageous fighter and leader in battle, but for centuries the fabled king has been a mystery to historians. So was his story of Camelot, Excalibur and Guinevere just an elaborate fairy tale – or was he real?