Frontiersmen: The Men Who Built America

It is the land that changed us from colonists to explorers, a westward-shifting line, first the Appalachian Mountains, then the Louisiana Purchase and finally stretching to the Pacific, that slowly altered the way we spoke, dressed, and lived. Once crossed, it transformed us from Europeans, to revolutionaries, and finally to Americans.

With Leonardo DiCaprio on board as Co-Executive Producer and Co-Narrator, Frontiersmen is a doco-drama that follows the people who set forth across the untamed land. DiCaprio will introduce the series as well. The series will span the formative period of American history – the first 75 years from the post-revolutionary war colonies through the Civil War.

It will feature the stories of iconic figures including: Daniel Boone, Lewis & Clark, Tecumseh, Andrew Jackson, Davy Crocket, Jim Bowie and Kit Carson. As the stories overlap, they will also interweave other iconic figures such as Washington, Hamilton and Lincoln. Each episode will feature the first person narration of the main character of the hour.

The series will also feature archive material, along with an innovative documentary shooting method, combining drone, handheld and GoPro cameras to present an authentic, gritty feel.