Gallipoli: When Murdoch Went To War

Gallipoli: When Murdoch Went To War looks at how a young journalist changed history. “My father shook up the establishment”, claims Rupert Murdoch in this hour long special that tells the true story behind the ‘Gallipoli Letter’ written in September 1915 by his father, Keith Murdoch, at the time a young Australian journalist.

According to journalistic legend, Keith Murdoch’s letter toppled a general, shook a government and ended the bloodbath that was Gallipoli, one of the most brutal calamities of the First World War. But, as we find out in this investigative documentary, the truth behind the events of 100 years ago is far more complex.

With interviews and testimony from Rupert Murdoch, Sir Max Hastings, Sir Hew Strachan and other experts, plus dramatic reconstructions based on Keith Murdoch’s own writings, this documentary tells the story of a young, ambitious journalist who visits the killing fields of Gallipoli and becomes embroiled in a scheme to evade the military censor. But when top-brass generals, cabinet ministers and press barons get involved the scene is set for a political struggle in which reputations are destroyed, careers are made and the foundations for a new journalistic empire are laid.