In this series, we tell the shocking true stories of the infamous hijackings, sieges and hostage stand-offs that gripped the world. Each episode features the dramatic story of a single unforgettable event. We will approach the unfolding story of this hijacking or siege from two simultaneous perspectives. From ‘inside’ the hijacking we will focus on the victims of these traumatic yet iconic episodes as they are swept up in events beyond their control.

We will also follow of the story of events taking place on the ‘outside’ – from the perspective of the police, negotiators and friends and family of the victims. During the course of each episode, we will ‘count down’ through the twists and turns of the hijacking culminating in the dramatic finale. Using first person testimony we tell story of each hijacking from multiple, but uniquely personal, perspectives. Brilliant news archive as well as evocative drama reconstruction will bring the panic, fear and drama of these intense episodes vividly back to life.