History of Weapons – E6 Sneak Peek

Weapons are instruments of war, uniquely designed to both protect and harm mankind. But they also trigger innovation and accelerate human progress. “History of Weapons” showcases the evolution of weapon technology throughout the history of the world, in a way which has never been seen before. Some of the most renowned international experts in the world will explore the secrets of these weapons in a complete hands-on approach.

These experiments will illustrate how weapons have changed the tides of history and how they have shaped human destiny. Elaborate animations grant the viewer an intimate look at the moments when these weapons changed history. Each episode introduces three decisive weapons within one theme, i.e. “The Force of Destruction”, “Everyone’s Weapons”, and “War against Civilians”, tracking the timeline up until present day. “History of Weapons” highlights the scientific and historical significance of weapons, and how they have shaped modern society