History’s Greatest Lies

Often forgotten, and rarely punished, the lies of those in power always achieve their goals: They change the course of history.

Who are the liars? Heads of state, politicians or military leaders, supported by their hierarchies. They have no qualms about lying to the radio, to television, to millions of people, end even, on oath, to the highest authorities and institutions. They use secret services, military strategy or communications agencies to make their lies more credible. The only motto is: “the bigger the lie, the more it will be believed!”

In affairs of state, all and every means can be used to certify or conceal an operation. Lies are not just a matter of words, or of silence. They entail practical acts as well as technical support. Whole teams are sometimes necessary to construct believable illusions. In the service of a nation, lying just means reinventing the world.

The new episodes are:

1972: Watergate Scandal
1985: The Rainbow Warrior
2003: Iraq & Weapons of Mass Destruction