Hunting Hitler S3 – Bonus: Nada Bakos on Terrorist Targeting

In Season 3 we will examine this Nazi web that no doubt existed (Josef Mengele, Adolf Eichmann, Erik Priebke), using the evidence of actual captured Nazi escapees to illustrate what may have allowed Hitler to get away. The mystery of the Nazi ratlines that to this day have still not been unravelled. Vast resources, safe houses, and infrastructure to move 1,000s of Nazis through Germany, Spain, and Italy, and the documented support from Pope Pius XII. An escape plan to move high-ranking Nazi officials to Greenland and a secret Nazi military base nearby that could be a clue into Hitler’s 4th Reich plans.

Hitler ordering a complex network of bunkers and tunnels to be built at his vacation home in the German Alps years before the end of the war. As well as declassified documents and a NEW EYEWITNESS claiming Hitler moved there in the final days of the war. Secret Nazi trains that were designed to move people out of Berlin in the final days of the war A Nazi island that operated as a secret U-Boat dock off the coast of Chile.