Hunting Hitler S1 – Sneak Peek Ep 8

An FBI cold case that has lain dormant for 70 years leads a group of world-renowned investigators on the ultimate manhunt to finally answer the question: Did Adolf Hitler survive World War II? In early 2014, the FBI declassified hundreds of confidential documents showing that Hitler may have not committed suicide, but rather escaped to South America after the fall of Germany. A memo from J. Edgar Hoover himself states: “American Army officials in Germany have not located Hitler’s body nor is there any reliable source that will say definitely that Hitler is dead.” Armed with the most cutting edge technology and these newly released FBI files, the team will approach this case like a modern death claims investigation. Whether they are investigating a mysterious Nazi lair deep in the Argentinian jungle or diving for evidence of a missing U-Boat that could have shuttled Hitler to South America, our team will focus on the tried and tested tenants for solving a fraudulent death case.