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I Killed JFK – Who pulled the trigger?

Probably no event in modern history has had the same political impact as the assassination of the 35th President of the United States, President John. F. Kennedy, on 22nd November 1963. The event itself, coupled with the sensational public killing of Kennedy’s alleged assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, generated ongoing controversy that has shown little sign…Read more

The Kennedy Curse

Few families in history have achieved the fame and renown as the Kennedys of the United States. A family of great wealth, power and prestige they attained unparalleled social and political success, but this was offset by a series of tragedies that gave birth to the myth of the “Kennedy Curse”, The patriarch of he…Read more

President John F. Kennedy is Assassinated

The shooting of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, that occurred on 22 November 1963, was a watershed moment of modern history that remains fresh in the minds of many of the older generation that are alive today. The event also spawned innumerable conspiracy theories that continue to propagate, magnified and aided by social media and post analysis…Read more