Impossible Peace

WW1 was to be the war to end all wars. Why did peace only last 20 years?

Impossible Peace is a must-see new history series that investigates what went so wrong after the Treaty of Versailles in 1919 that a second world war broke out only 20 years later. Showing that there is far more to the story than just understanding ‘the rise of Hitler’, the series takes us around the world in the following two decades to show that the path to WWII winds through an extraordinary, colourful, dangerous and varied landscape.

From the Great Depression and Jazz Age to the rise of the Soviets, and from Gandhi and Picasso to Cole Porter, the significance of key events and people are explored. We follow the dynamics of power, personality and politics on every continent, not just Europe, noticing how the tensions, rivalries and jealousies that were in play made war, on a global scale, not only possible but also inevitable.

Using rich archive resources and authoritative interviews we dissect the sometimes surprising, always fascinating and definitely complex answer to the question: what made two momentous decades into an impossible peace?