Inside the Taliban

In Afghanistan, on the same legendary terrain that humbled Alexander the Great and the Mongol armies of Ghengis Khan, the Cold War meets the War on Terror. Inside Afghanistan and the Taliban tells the story of Afghanistan’s transformation – from regal monarchy, to epic, Cold War battlefield, to a no-man’s-land of bloodthirsty warlords – and how decades of hopelessness and despair finally gave rise to one of history’s most notorious regimes… The Taliban. Promising to remake the country into a peaceful Islamic utopia, the Taliban instead presides over one of the darkest periods in Afghanistan’s bleak history.

Under the direction of the charismatic one-eyed Mullah Mohammad Omar, Afghanistan becomes the world’s worst humanitarian disaster and headquarters for international terrorism. All but ignored by America until the fateful attacks of 9-11, the Taliban will be the first casualty of the War on Terror. Swept from power and left for dead, today, the Taliban are back and more brutal than ever. Still led by a fugitive Mullah Omar, the resurgent Taliban movement now threatens to plunge the whole region into chaos.