ISIS: Terror In Asia

This two part documentary filmed across Australia, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore, investigates the threat to Asia Pacific from supporters of the Islamic State group. Featuring interviews with senior Jihadis, their families and counter terrorism experts, this programme details why radicalisation is spreading across the region, and how it is affecting every day people and communities.

More than 500 Indonesians have gone to Syria and Iraq, one of the largest contingents from anywhere in the region.  The programmes includes an exclusive interview with one senior Jihadist who spent time in an ISIS training camp.  From inside a Jakarta prison he explains why he supports Islamic State, including controversial acts such as selling women into slavery.

One of the region’s most informed analysts, Sidney Jones tells the extraordinary story of how convicted terrorists inside Indonesian prisons have been allowed to preach and recruit in favour of ISIS and even held a meeting to pledge loyalty to ISIS’s leader.

The programme examines two approaches to de-radicalising supporters of the world’s most radical terrorist group.