Joanna Lumley’s Nile

Joanna Lumley’s personally authored journey travels the length of the Nile from sea to source and along the way encompasses the rich, varied history and daily life of the world’s longest river.  Viewers enjoy it through the eyes of one of Britain’s most treasured actresses.  Whilst filming for Comic Relief Joanna  found herself looking out across the Nile from the highlands of Eritrea and it became a long held dream of hers to make this journey ever since.  Joanna is the perfect travel companion; informed, passionate, funny and wide eyed, with a genuine verve for emoting her thoughts and experiences. Joanna’s journey features many different modes of river craft from paddle steamer to passenger ferry and smaller privately owned boats, Dhows, yachts, seaplanes and the odd camel.  Finally realising her dream to become an adventurer and explorer, Joanna sets out to absorb all manor of experiences by ‘hitching’ her way from sea to source.