Kingpin – Extended Promo

There is one thing every crime syndicate has in common: a boss. A don. A Kingpin.

Structure and hierarchy are the foundations of organized crime. But no regime lasts forever. And behind every Kingpin, there is a legion of ruthless lieutenants, soldiers and rivals dying to take his place. Sometimes, they await for the boss to retire or die of natural causes – and clash amongst themselves. More often, bullets fly and coups are staged. Power grabs and civil war are a matter of course in the criminal underworld. And when the dust settles, you never know who will be sitting on the throne. In each episode of Kingpin, the producers of the Seven-Five plunge viewers into the heart of a different organized crime group just as a brutal war of succession is about to break out.

The series kicks off with four two-hour events, each revealing the meteoric rise of one of the most famous kingpins in crime history. In gripping, bloody detail, we’ll watch as each begins as an unknown, low-level thug, only to transform themselves into a world-famous king of crime.