The Last Battle of The Vikings

The 18th October 2016 will mark the 1000th anniversary of one of the most important conflicts ever fought on English soil, The Last Battle of The Vikings – the Battle of Assandun, a major confrontation between the Anglo Saxons and the Vikings.

Marine archaeologist Professor Jon Henderson rediscovers the incredible story of the last days of the Vikings, painting a vivid picture of Scotland and the brutal men who came over the North Sea in longships.

On 2nd October 1263, King Håkon Håkonson steppedashore at Largs to command his 900 Norwegian warriors against a force of 500 mounted Scottish knights. The calamitous events to follow at the Battle of Largs changed the future course and identity of a fledgling Scottish nation forever. But this special reveals that although Viking power retreated from Scotland’s shores, they never truly left.

Evidence of their assimilation into the villages they first terrorised and then colonised is now coming to light.

Did you know? Originally, ‘Viking’ was not a noun to describe people, but an activity. If you were going on a raid for land and booty, you were ‘going Viking’.

The Vikings contributed more to modern life than you might think; they invented the sauna, women were powerful politicians and they gave Russia its name!