The Last Ring Home

Follow the story of Lt Minter Dial’s Annapolis Naval Academy ring, which miraculously made its way home 18 years after he was killed as a POW of the Japanese in WWII. The Last Ring Home is a tribute to Lt Dial, the producer’s grandfather, and all members of the ‘Greatest Generation,’ and the men and women among the Allied forces who gave so much.

It is also a journey of self-discovery, having an impact on the filmmaker, his wider family and many other people in its wake. This story, which took over 25 years of research, illustrates the importance of serendipity and the role of good and bad luck in piecing together a personal history of someone who died 70 years ago.

The Last Ring Home is to inspire everyone to uncover their own personal history, to keep a foot in their past and the other foot in the future and to be thankful for the tremendous present in which we live, thanks to the sacrifices of those who fought in WWII.