LAWLESS – The Real Bushrangers

Unearthing the truth behind Australia’s most infamous legends.

Australian colonial history is full of stories of violent murders and gun toting mayhem, foundation tales of those that make and break the law. From the birth of the Ned Kelly legend to the violent death of Ben Hall, these pivotal events are often shrouded in mystery and folklore. How do we separate fact from fiction?

Now, Mike Munro, Australia’s own television respected journalist returns to our screens to present a ground-breaking series examining these stories like never before. For the first time on television, a specialist team, accompanied by living descendants, investigates the legends of these rebels and the people who fought against them using the full force of modern day science.

Come with Mike on a remarkable journey to uncover new evidence, deliver new insights and reveal some deeply inconvenient truths. Lawless – The Real Bushrangers will change how Australians see their folk heroes. And themselves.