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Brothers in Arms – Patrick and James Kenniff

Amongst the last of the recognised Australian bushrangers, brothers Patrick and James Kenniff spent much of their long criminal careers as horse and cattle thieves – mostly around northern NSW and the backblocks of western Queensland. From the mid 1880’s to the early 1900’s the Kenniffs were implicated in numerous cases of livestock theft, but…Read more

Murder in the Bush – The Shootings at Stringybark Creek

The infamous Stringybark Creek incident, in which 3 police officers were shot dead on 26th October 1878, sounded the death knell for Ned Kelly and his gang that consisted of his brother Dan, and their two friends Steve Hart and Joe Byrne. Soon after the murders they were declared outlaws and the entire machinery of the…Read more

Ben Hall – An outlaw and a gentleman

In the pantheon of Australian bushrangers Ben Hall holds a special place. Noted for his handsome features, riding skills, politeness to women – and those hostages he had taken – he became known as “Brave Ben Hall” and achieved a degree of popularity and admiration despite his extensive list of criminal activities. Ben Hall was…Read more

Captain Moonlite – Gentleman, Preacher, Bushranger

The story of Captain Moonlite – whose real name was Andrew George Scott – is one of the strangest chapters in the history of Australian bushrangers. Scott was born in Ireland in 1842, received a good education, and as an adult presented as a gentleman with good manners who could mix freely in refined company….Read more

Outlaw in Armour – Ned Kelly

Ned Kelly was executed at Melbourne Gaol on 11 November 1880, ending a two-year crime spree across northern Victoria that captured public imagination in a way not seen before or since. 25-year-old Kelly, together with his gang, a group of bushmen larrikins, all crack shots and expert horsemen, were greatly admired in many Victorian rural areas…Read more