M.A.D. World Episodes

As we move through each chapter, we look at the legacy of the Cold War today. Did the end of the Cold War really mark the end of global superpower tensions? What can we learn from the lessons of the past? Are we seeing the glowing embers of the Cold War beginning to spark up again? And what new superpowers are emerging to push for greater global power?

Episode 1

Rise of the Superpowers

A new era of terror begins after the two atomic bombs are dropped on Japan.  As the Second World War comes to a close, two superpowers rise with opposing ideologies and growing animosity.  Tension between communism and capitalism rises – will the USA once more drop the atomic bomb?


Episode 2


Horror sweeps across the west as the USSR reveals it also has the atomic bomb.  The world comes to the brink of a nuclear war as the two superpowers fight for domination of Korea.  Then the ultimate doomsday weapon is tested – a bomb a thousand times more powerful than the weapon dropped on Japan – the hydrogen bomb.


Episode 3


Soviet Communism appears to be gaining power and territory as Cuba succumbs to a communist revolution and the Hungarian Uprising is brutally supressed by Russian tanks.  Then the Soviets gain technical superiority by putting the first man in space.


Episode 4

Cold War Hot War

The world comes to the brink of total annihilation as the USA and the USSR play a high stakes game of nuclear poker over soviet missiles on Cuban soil.  And as communism threatens to spread through south east Asia, the USA sends troops and weapons to the Vietnam War.


Episode 5

Peace and War

The nuclear arms race is out of control as both superpowers spend ever increasing amounts of money on ever more powerful weapons.  Just as talks to limit arms growth begin, the USA supports a violent military coup in South America and reveals the most chilling of all nuclear weapons – a bomb designed to preserve buildings while killing people.


Episode 6

Cold War 2

Just as arms limitation treaties have been signed and relationships between the USA and USSR appear to be warming, the Cold War is reignited by Soviet troops entering Afghanistan.  Espionage activity on both sides escalates as the fear grows of global nuclear annihilation.


Episode 7


With an intractable war against the Soviets in Afghanistan and Marxist governments rising across Latin America the USA takes a hard line.  Troops, weapons and money are sent to support anti-communist rebels and billions of dollars are diverted to a futuristic nuclear shield space known as ‘Star Wars’.


Episode 8

Falling Dominoes

A reforming leader in the USSR begins the end of the Cold War.  President Gorbachev holds talks with the USA and releases soviet control of countries in Eastern Europe.  An unstoppable sequence of events leads to the fall of the Berlin Wall, the end of the USSR and the end of the Cold War.