Making Tracks – Promo

There are few continents more arid, less populated, or so vast. Making Tracks will transport the audience through the Australian continent’s extreme landscape and meet the equally extreme characters whose lives revolve around these epic rail lines.

Three epic train journeys reveal the vast wilderness and pioneering characters of outback Australia.  ‘Making Tracks’ travels the great trains that span the continent from north to south, east to west and up the coast of Queensland to the tropical north.

Nearly ten thousand kilometres of track cuts through the untamed interior and leads us on a unique adventure where extreme heat, cold and isolation have made building and maintaining the rails an almost impossible task. Australia’s picturesque coastline is also well-known for its scenic train journeys, taking passengers out of the hustle and bustle of the cities to some of the worlds most captivating landscapes.

Each one-hour documentary will feature stunning blue chip cinematography; using Cineflex aerials and train-mounted camera, in order to showcase the route of one world class train:  The Indian Pacific, The Ghan, or The Sunlander. We will meet the authentic characters working on and around these massive trains: chefs running 100km/h restaurants, barmaids who dare not spill a drop, and the train drivers themselves, who deal with mesmerising distances, flash flooding, and herds of one tonne water buffalo on the track!

Each train takes several days to complete its incredible journey and carries all types of people, from backpackers on a shoe sting budget, to platinum-class passengers, who stay in cabins with double beds, full ensuites, and room service.

We’ll also encounter the extraordinary outback people whose lives are linked to the trains:  cameleers, indigenous Australians, and a couple living in a ghost town with a total population of two!

Archive film footage will bring to life Australian pioneers along the train route, as they tried to tame parts of the country that could be two thousand kilometres from the nearest big town.

‘Making Tracks’ is a unique documentary series, which brings together the warmth and beauty of the Australian interior and coastline using the majesty of three spectacular trains.