Mateship In…Music

From the earliest Phonographs the trends of Australian music have often mirrored those of America, following their fads and dances. But in the 1960s we started populating the charts with our own artists who soon conquered the U.S.

Rock n roll might have been invented in the U.S. but we grabbed that microphone and turned the volume up to 11!

A landmark 60 minute special exploring the special relationship between Australia and the USA.

For a century the United States of America and Australia have fought together in every major conflict, one of the longest alliances in modern history. Hosted by acclaimed Australian journalist Mike Munro this documentary and featurettes will explore our long friendship, forged in battle, shaped also by deep exchanges of ideas, art, people and trade.

This is a fascinating and entertaining story of trust, difference, loyalty and respect: it’s an epic story of Mateship.