Barbarians Rising

Men of Wood & Foam


Men Of Wood & Foam follows the story of six friends from Brookvale who shaped the history of surfing in Australia. We dive into a golden decade when surfing was transformed into a sport and a culture with its own music, movies, fashions and heroes. From the primitive factories in a former market garden at Brookvale, bordering the favoured wave spots of Dee Why Point and Fairy Bower, these pioneers became known as “The Brookvale Six”.

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Morning of the Earth

A film by Albert Falzon, 1972. Morning of the Earth showcases the spiritual link that once existed between nature and surfing. Beautifully shot, Morning of the Earth reveals a fantasy of three exotic lands. Bali, Hawaii and Australia, where surfers made their own houses, surfboards and lived in harmony with nature.

With an original 70’s soundtrack to stir the soul, Morning of the Earth is a milestone in surf movies and forever a part of surfing history. Featuring epic footage and timeless surfing from Nat Young, Michael Peterson, Stephen Cooney and Gerry Lopez.